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New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College of Bishops


Purpose and Formation of The New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College Of Bishops.

In clear terms the Holy Synod of The New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College of Bishops, proclaims that the government of the Church is by right exercised by the college of Bishops. It follows that in one sense, the care of the Church is the responsibility of every Bishop taken singularly, and also, in another sense that all duly consecrated African-American Bishops participate in the governing of the Church. This can be ultimately achieved by creation of The Code of Canon Law, with specificity to the African American Diaspora. This Code of Canon Law similar to the Canon Law of the Universal church would have applied cultural aspects of the African experience which carries over to the African in America church and rightly so as the Gospel and Christianity were both birthed on the continent of Africa. The ancestral roots of all of the biblical narrative originated from Africa, thus the Ancient Pilgrim church values, principles and order must be set to a guidance document of Canon Law magnitude. Critics will say; “there is already a Code of Canon Law, why do we need another? The simple answer to those critics would be, The Code of Canon Law of the Universal church was written for “members of the Latin rite,” not for us! 

Our divine assignment came to the forefront six years ago, when the Holy Spirit spoke to Bishop Roger H. Phillips PhD while in prayer on his balcony overlooking the tranquil roaring of the waves in Daytona Beach. God said; “all of your training and preparation in academia was pre-ordained by me for such a time as this.” This discipline regimen of intense research while preparing to write his PhD doctoral dissertation was shear preparation affirming the Word of God in the Spirit with God saying;  “I have sanctified you and brought you to this place in the golden-years, of your life to assemble twelve Bishops who will complete the Holy Synod, not just as members, but as a Joint College of Bishops each with one-twelfth of this historical under-taking as a God-designated Co-founder and the Lord said, I will be with you even until the ends of the earth.” So, for the past six years, Phillips along with a servant of God, Bishop Michael V. Johnson PhD have labored to put all the pieces in place and upon the direction of the Holy Spirit, God chose ten Bishops to assist in accomplishing this awesome task. But, we surely know that God does not put anything on you which you cannot handle. He gives us guidance and directional instructions just as He did with Moses leading the people out of bondage from Egypt against all odds I might add. The New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College of Bishops face many of the similar naysayers of that era and we recognize that change is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but because our assignment comes from God, we are assured that His concern is that we “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,” and God will provide all of our needs and technical support. Our assignment is not to compel the African American Diaspora to accept and embrace this Code of Canon Law, yet it is to “author,” set Canon Laws with specificity for the African American Diaspora, SO HELP US GOD!

After six years of patiently waiting on God to send the men and woman of God, The New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College of Bishops will be officially launched July 30, 2022 in Chicago with the official; “Sedem Signare Sanctae Synodi.” (Seal and Seating of the Holy Synod) which will mark an historical event which has never before been undertaken in this dispensation. 

We fully grasp the understanding and purpose of our assignment and set-out the narrative that we can establish and maintain set standards which are now absent and has never before manifested within the African-American Episcopacy. The New Covenant Apostolic Order Joint College of Bishops primary focus and dire need is to design and author this Canon law using ancient pilgrim church values and reverting back to the original gospel of the “apostle’s doctrine.” With the help and guidance of The Holy Spirit we have assembled intellectual minds of episcopates and put out the clarion call for dialogue and input from ecclesia during meaningful Congresses’ and Colloquiums, which will be hosted by our Ordo Synodi Episcoporum. Many like-minded episcopates  who have a desire to assist and develop set responsible standards explicitly for the African American Diaspora, will now have a forum by which to express ideas and thoughts in achieving history-making inroads towards development of African-American Episcopate Canon Law.  We must no longer be governed by or allow  extrapolating narratives from Canon Law which may conveniently  suit our purposes and ignore written Canon Law where we may find it reprehensible because it’s not how we desire to do things. Normally what has been done is omit from our standard of processes and invent scenarios to fit the occasion of need. If there were such a documentation of governing standards, processes and operating values and principles foundational based within our ancestral roots, it would command order and restore legitimacy in areas upon which there can be just absolute chaos and “anything goes,” reign.  

This Code of Canon Law lastly, will be authored and ratified by African-American authentic episcopates that have labored to this end in bringing about restoration of cultural order set upon a foundation built by God and The Holy Spirit and not by man extrapolating from “universal church,” canon laws which have no authentic meaning towards our culture. In the creation of new institutions, the creator is usually bound by self-aggrandizements and these kinds of institutions are short-lived. Our goal by the power and authority of God is to continue this Joint College of Bishops for a perpetual statute and go forth for the sole purpose and good of the African American Diaspora and as long as we achieve those dynamics, we will prevail and accomplish this divine assignment from God. Ultimately perhaps, we would like to order some permanent Council of specialized Bishops, chosen from the Church, who would be given the charge of a legislative function in union with the Universal Church Supreme Pontiff and the Cardinals of the Roman Curia.


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